Lip and Tongue Ties

The tongue is key to feeding and development

of the mouth, face and airway

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Care after a lip or tongue revision is just as important to an excellent outcome as the procedure itself. If wounds are not managed properly the chances of reattachment are high and the feeding improvements will be minimal. It is ideal to begin these exercises prior to the release if possible.


Wound Management

The goal of the manual exercises is to prevent healing by primary intention (healing back together or re-attachment) and promote healing by secondary intention (like a scab)

Photo by Michelle Emmanuel

Photo by Michelle Emmanuel

Sleeping Stretches

Possibly one of the most important stretches for the diamond shaped wound is done while the infant is sleeping. The Sleeping Tongue Posture Hold should be done any time your infant falls asleep.


strength and function exercises

Once a tongue tie has been released the muscles must be retrained for proper function. These exercises can be done multiple times throughout the day while interacting with the baby during play.