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Why Pediatric Dentistry?

Teaching children to properly care for their teeth and gums helps them maintain a healthy, beautiful and radiant smile throughout their lives.


Relationships: Every child is unique and we constantly strive to meet their individual needs.


Environment: When children identify with their surroundings, they are more likely to respond positively to dental care.


Parents: We educate and inform parents and caregivers to ensure dental health continues in the home.



Preventative Care

Consistent and routine maintenance of teeth and gums is key to children's oral health

Restorative Care

Despite our best efforts, from fillings to spacers, sometimes teeth need a little help

Laser Dentistry

Injection free, pain free and drill free dentistry as well as soft tissue procedures

Sedation Dentistry

For the comfort and safety of children, we offer a range of sedation options for restorative care

Infant Lip and Tongue Tie

Care for patients 2 days to 2+ years old with lip or tongue ties via laser frenectomy

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