strength and function exercises



TummyTime!™️ is an interactive head and neck workout that works out the tongue too. Anybody can participate in playing, making sounds or introducing toys while encouraging lifting and side to side head movement. Under two months of age infants should be spending at least 30 minutes in tummy time over the course of the day. That should be increased to an hour or more by 4 months of age. Tummy time can be split into multiple sessions throughout the day. For more information visit Michelle Emmanuel at



The Guppy encourages stretching and strengthening of the neck and tongue. From your lap or over a pillow allow baby’s head to gently tip back. Using interesting or noisy toys encourage the baby to move their head back and forth.


Tongue strengthening exercises

  • Tug-of-war - Allow baby to latch on to your finger and gently pull tug-of-war with their tongue

  • Breaking latch- Allow baby to latch on to your finger. After suck has been establish, roll your finger over to break suction. Roll your finger back and allow suck to be established again

  • Side to side- With baby’s mouth open, rub the outside of their lower gums and watch their tongue follow your finger