Preventative, restorative, and emergency care; consultation and education


Preventative Care

Healthy teeth and gums start with preventative care. Routine preventative dental visits give us the opportunity to teach children good oral health habits starting from an early age.

Preventative services include screenings, exams, xrays, fluoride and sealants.

Establishing care by your child’s first birthday is especially important to monitor proper growth and development as well as preventing or reversing cavities.


Restorative Care

Despite parents best efforts, sometimes children get cavities. Depending on the size and severity of the cavity, it can be fixed with a simple restoration or possibly a crown. Dr Snell will discuss treatment options for your child after an examination.

Restorative procedures include white fillings, silver fillings, crowns, baby nerve treatments, extractions and placement of space maintainers.


Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes due to the age or nature of a child’s personality, traditional treatment may be difficult for young patients. Dr Snell is trained in a wide range of methods that help children feel comfortable during their treatment.

Depending on the child’s needs, treatment can be accomplished with the help of laughing gas, in-office conscious sedation or general anesthesia in an outpatient hospital setting.


Laser Dentistry

Big Blue Pediatric Dentistry is the first and only pediatric dental office in Northern Nevada to offer the newest in laser technology. The SOLEA laser nearly eliminates the need for injections, numbing medications and drilling for most dental procedures. That means no shots, no pain and no bleeding for most procedures!

The SOLEA is the first C02 dental laser to be cleared by the FDA for both hard tooth and soft tissue procedures. This sophisticated piece of equipment uses light wavelengths and computer technology to seek out specific tooth and soft tissue cells to vaporize them. The wavelengths also seek out and destroy the cavity causing bacteria in the tooth.

What this means for patients is injection free, drill free and pain free fillings. It also means injection free, pain free, blood and suture free soft tissue procedures. Our patients leave the office immediately without that numb feeling that usually persists for hours. THe SOLEA laser is also less invasive making for shorter healing times. Now that is something to smile about!

To find out more about the advantages of the SOLEA laser please visit ilovesolea.com


Infant Lip and Tongue Tie

After struggling with breastfeeding her twins due to a tongue tie, Dr Snell realized the lack of resources and knowledge about tethered oral tissues in infants in Northern Nevada. It took an evaluation from an IBCLC to recognize the condition and a tongue tie correction to finally remedy the issue, but she was able to successfully breastfeed her twins until 18 months.

Tongue and lip ties are a rather common issue that can negatively impact the breastfeeding relationship between mother and baby. After careful evaluation from an IBCLC, a simple laser frenectomy can be completed to remedy the issue. If your baby is struggling with feeding, speech, sleep or reflux issues, let us help you.

Since information on ties is not taught in dental schools or residency, Dr Snell has carefully educated herself about infant tongue and lip ties with countless hours of educational resources. Very few providers understand posterior tongue ties, and even fewer can provide full releases with a laser. Dr Snell prides herself on constantly pursuing education and research on the subject including shadowing leading providers that perform laser releases.

SOLEA CO2 laser technology to provide a painless, injection free, anesthesia free, blood free, suture free and quick procedure.


Have a Dental Emergency?

Emergencies happen! If your child experiences a dental emergency, call us right away! Whenever possible you will be seen same day. Dr Snell can be reached 24/7 to discuss your emergencies if you are a patient of record.

(775) 887-9453

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