Tips for making Tooth Brushing more fun!

Tips for making tooth brushing more fun!

Are you tired of hearing your kids complain about the daily chore of brushing and flossing? Is it like wrestling an alligator to get a tooth brush in your toddlers mouth? You are not alone! This is a common occurrence in households every morning and night.

Here are some tips to make brushing and flossing an easier routine, and not like pulling teeth (terrible pun intended). These are ideas used by our families and some I even use in my own household.


No excuses, make brushing a routine

We have all been there. It's bed time and you have been fighting to get homework done and dinner on the table. Everyone is exhausted from the day and too tired to get in the bathroom and brush and floss. NO EXCUSES! Make taking care of your teeth non-negotiable. If they understand there is no wiggle room with their oral health, the might be less likely to fight it. Routines and rituals help us to remember what comes next. Every morning have your kids follow a dress, eat and brush routine, unless your kids are a messy as mine, then have them dress last. At night, pick a good book or sing a fun song after putting on your jammies and brushing. Make sure you stick to the routine every day.

Give them Choices

Kids love making decisions, so give them choices. Brushing or flossing is not an option, but what kind of toothpaste they want can be. Batman or Princess tooth brush? Mint or bubble gum? You can even let them choose which bathroom to brush in. Making their own decisions make make even the most reluctant brusher more confident. 

Incentivize dental routines

We all love rewards, right? I reward myself for getting through the day with a nice glass of red wine after the kids go to bed. It is no secret that rewards for good behavior work. Set up a sticker chart for morning and evening brushing and flossing, or check off the days in a calendar. Once the chart is filled, take a trip to the dollar store or the library.

Make it a family affair

Brush and floss together. Not only will your teeth thank you, but your kids might too. Turn on your favorite song and have a brushing party. Your kids want to be just like you!