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Oral health care, regular check-ups, cleaning and more

Health teeth and gums start with preventative care. Routine preventative dental visits give us the opportunity to teach children good oral health habits starting from an early age.

Preventative services include screenings, exams, xrays, fluoride and sealants.

Establishing care by your child’s first birthday is especially important to monitor proper growth and development as well as preventing or reversing cavities.


Dental restorations children

Despite parents best efforts, sometimes children get cavities. Depending on the size and severity of the cavity, it can be fixed with a simple restoration or possibly a crown. Dr Snell will discuss treatment options for your child after an examination.

Restorative procedures include white fillings, silver fillings, crowns, baby nerve treatments, extractions and placement of space maintainers.


Treatment to make children comfortable

Sometimes due to the age or nature of a child’s personality, traditional treatment may be difficult for some young patients. After careful discussion treatment with the help of medications may be necessary.

Depending on the child’s needs, treatment can be accomplished with the help of laughing gas, in-office conscious sedation or general anesthesia in an outpatient hospital setting.


What to do in case of emergency

For established patients we provide emergency care for pain, abscesses, infections or oral trauma’s. If you ¬†are experiencing any of these issues please call our office at 775-887-9453. During normal business hours we will see you same day in the office. Outside of normal business hours please follow the instructions on the answering machine to reach an on call doctor.